If you have read through this website, then you have already seen many, many reasons why you should choose Dr. Motwani and Motwani Lasik Institute to perform your surgery.  To summarize:

  • Dr. Motwani is one of the most experienced surgeons in San Diego, and probably one of the most experienced in the country
  • Dr. Motwani is one of the oldest refractive surgery practices in San Diego, and is one of the very few that only focus on laser refractive surgery
  • Motwani Lasik Institute has two lasers, both used to create large ablation zone, aspheric corrections
  • Motwani Lasik Institute is one of only two centers in San Diego to have the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser System
  • Dr. Motwani is one of the few surgeons in the Western Hemisphere that can perform the Epi-Lasik procedure for high corrections that don’t have enough corneal tissue
  • Dr. Motwani has years of experience correction prior refractive procedures such as RK, Lasik, PRK, CK
  • Dr. Motwani corrects very high astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia cases, and has in interest in challenging cases
  • Dr. Motwani has performed laser vision correction on over 100 physicians, and scores and scores of nurses and health care workers
  • Dr. Motwani has performed Lasik on professional athletes, police officers, firefighters, and many other law enforcement professionals such as FBI, Customs, etc.
  • Motwani Lasik Institute tries to make the cost of Lasik affordable for everyone
  • Motwani Lasik Institute is centrally located, next to the major highways of 5, 805, 52, and 55 in prestigious UTC- La Jolla
  • Motwani Lasik Institute is designed to be warm, inviting, and is well-maintained and very clean. It is important for our patients to feel well taken care of.
  • Dr. Motwani does not re-charge patients the full price even if they come back years later.  He charges a small fee for the very small percentage of people that may need re-treatment years later.  Warning: He hates the term “Lifetime Warranty” because we feels that warranty isn’t an appropriate term for medicine!
  • Finally, Dr. Motwani is a very intelligent, emphatic physician that does his absolute best to make patients as happy as possible.