In late 2010, Dr. Motwani started feeding the homeless at the downtown San Diego Salvation Army with a small group of men. Although Dr. Motwani had been involved with various charities in the past, he felt this was way to actually do something with his own hands to help. This group would bring the food, serve it to over 100 homeless, and then clean up afterwards every Wednesday night. In 2011-2012 this activity started to be noticed by more people in downtown San Diego, and more volunteers started to show up. Looking to do more, this group- Scott Lutwak of Fit Athletic, Jeff Willman, Mark DeMascole of Wells Fargo, Tin Panh of Green Shredding, Angel Valentino, and of course Dr. Motwani- created the non-profit 501-c3 foundation Urban Angels.

Urban Angels then partnered with the Connections Housing project, which is the first permanent homeless shelter in downtown San Diego. This ambitious project is the first of its kind in San Diego, re-developing a historic building on 6th Ave. and B St. into a shelter with resources that helps the homeless to get back on their feet, and help learn the skills to end their cycle of homelessness.

Urban Angels provides the food at the dinners for 150 homeless and volunteers to serve it on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. It has also donated the monies to help get some of the kitchen equipment necessary. We also continue to feed the homeless at the Salvation Army every Wednesday night.

Urban Angels now has dozens of volunteers that show up and want to give their energy to helping the problem of homelessness.

Our mission is not just help those in need, but to find solutions that help the problem and cycle of homelessness. We want to harness the energies of as many as we can, and to support the programs that educate, train, support, and provide the resources for the homeless to stand on their own feet, have the pride of work and their own home, and to be re-integrated into society.
Motwani Lasik institute and Dr. Motwani welcome any volunteer or financial support that can be provided to Urban Angels. Ask at our office, or go to


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