Epi-LASIK (E-LASIK) Procedure in San Diego

Epi-LASIK (E-LASIK) is a technically demanding procedure that is the only true flapless Lasik procedure in the world. The flap is not made using the corneal bed at all, but only the epithelium. In this case, it is a much more advanced version of PRK that is used mainly in specialized cases. Dr. Motwani is one of the very few surgeons with the skill and technology to perform this procedure, and over the years he has discovered the benefits of using this with very high corrections with thinner corneas. These patients do not have enough corneal tissue to do their corrections with Lasik, or thin flap Lasik, and have been told by other doctors that they are not candidates for laser vision correction. With this procedure, it is possible to do such procedures safely, and with excellent results. For example, Dr. Motwani has performed a correction on another physician who happens to be the head of a local Emergency Room Department for very high amounts of nearsightedness. This doctor had 11 diopters of myopia, and 1.50 diopters of astigmatism, and a cornea that did not have enough tissue to perform such a high correction with any normal Lasik procedure. With the Epi-Lasik procedure, this physician had his eyes fully corrected to 20/20.