In 2002, Dr. Motwani was one of the first in the United States to start performing laser procedures using a setting on the Nidek EC-5000 laser that created a more naturally shaped cornea. Instead of the “volcano” shape that flattening the center of the cornea can create, the correction is done in a wider reshaping area to create corneal shape that much more closely resembles the pre-operative natural cornea. Dr. Motwani originally noticed not only a reduction in halo complaints, but also a dramatic increase in patients that achieved better than 20/20 vision.

Although the Alcon Wavelight laser systems were the ones that continued to develop this natural corneal reshaping, reaching their pinnacle with the EX500 system that Dr. Motwani uses. The Nidek laser though, still does a wonderful job reshaping for low to moderate myopia and astigmatism. Dr. Motwani feels that for these patients, the visual results as well as quality of vision are virtually the same for the Nidek and Wavelight lasers, and correction on the Nidek can be a very cost-effective way for these patients to get excellent vision correction. Dr. Motwani trusts this laser enough that he has used it to correct not only his brother, mother, and father, but even had one of the stages of his vision correction done with the Nidek.