Patients who have had prior refractive procedures of any sort- LASIK, PRK, Radial Keratotomy (RK), or AK- can be repaired at Motwani Lasik Institute.  Dr. Motwani has extensive experience repairing prior refractive procedures, having repaired virtually any type of sub-optimal outcome.  Many patients believe that once RK has been done it cannot be repaired, but Dr. Motwani can repair it with LASIK and PRK.  Since Dr. Motwani has been in San Diego since 1999, he is very aware of the lasers and techniques used by the majority of doctors that have practiced in San Diego in the past two decades and is able to discern the type of correction that was done even when medical records are no longer available.

It is important for those who need refractive surgery repair to know that it may take more effort, and occasionally more than one procedure to repair a sub-optimally performed procedure.  Dr. Motwani discusses each repair case-by-case thoroughly with the patient.

Dr. Motwani is also able to help change past procedures to add reading correction as patients have aged and reached the “reading glasses” years.

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