Our Laser Center: Freshly remodeled, the laser center and suite was specifically designed for warm, sophisticated luxury.  Getting your eyes lasered is a distinctly anxiety-provoking event, and we designed the beautiful, luxurious suite to be as warm as our staff is.

Highly Advanced Technology That Makes Sense: We choose our technology not just for what markets well, or creates the latest buzzwords, but for results in the fastest, safest procedure that results in the best visual result with the fastest possible healing time.  Dr. Motwani specifically chooses his technologies to be able to provide patients with choices that result in minimal corneal tissue and patient emotional trauma.

Longevity: Since 1999 Dr. Motwani has had a practice specializing only in refractive surgery in San Diego, making him one of the oldest refractive practices in San Diego.  This unique experience serves the patient well not in only how we have developed our procedures and our systems, but also in how Dr. Motwani can handle prior refractive surgery repairs.  This is one of the reasons why so many other doctors have chosen Dr. Motwani to have their own eyes done.  Ask your family and friends, chances are Dr. Motwani has done some of their eyes!

Our Belief In Patient Education: We firmly believe that any prospective patient should be well educated.  Dr. Motwani firmly believes in explaining the science and logic behind the procedure he chooses so the patient is well educated and knows what will happen and why.

Warmth: We believe that the atmosphere created by the staff should be warm and caring.  Our staff is specifically trained to be direct, forthright, and honest, and to be as attentive to our patient’s needs as possible.  Dr. Motwani loves to hear how good his staff is, and strives to create an experience where the patients tell him it’s the best staff and physician’s office that they have ever been to.