Custom PRK Procedure in San Diego

For those patients that cannot have (or do not want) a corneal flap, or have a thinner cornea, custom PRK can be performed. Several methods are used by Dr. Motwani to remove the epithelium including laser removal. Mitomycin-C is used to prevent haze. The use of oral ibuprofen and pain preventing eye drops has essentially eliminated the majority of discomfort post PRK, making it a much easier procedure for those who choose or need it. Healing time for the epithelium is usually 3-4 days, but during that time the patient may continue normal activities such as using a computer, watching TV, doing normal, light activities, going shopping, and even going to the movies. Driving during that time is not recommended. For those who need an advanced form of PRK, Epi-Lasik (E-LASIK) is also a procedure choice.