There are many choices for your laser vision correction. Although we believe that we are one of the best choices for your entire experience as well as the best possible visual result from the best laser in the world, we simply do not disparage other centers or other doctors. We firmly believe those who are negative bring down the professionalism of the entire field, and often have some weakness that they wish to deflect from.

Furthermore, Dr. Motwani has a firm belief that when repairing past refractive procedures he will not provide expert testimony against or disparage other refractive surgeons. His sole interest is to get a patient’s eyes the best they can possibly be.

Finally, our policy is not to have fake reviews on online review sites such as Yelp, or to use a service to create fake reviews. We believe that review sites should reflect the experience of our patients. We also follow privacy protocols and do not use patient’s information without their permission.