Near and Dear to Dr. Motwani’s Heart

Dr. Motwani has been involved with multiple charities in donating funds and also in assisting with their efforts. In late 2010, Dr. Motwani started feeding the homeless at the downtown San Diego Salvation Army with a small group of men.  Although Dr. Motwani had been involved with various charities in the past, he felt this was way to actually do something with his own hands to help, and led him to start thinking about being part of the solution to homelessness. This group would bring the food, serve it to over 100 homeless, and then clean up afterwards every Wednesday night. In 2011-2012 this activity started to be noticed by more people in downtown San Diego, and more volunteers started to show up. Dr. Motwani, with a group of others, then co-founded Urban Angels.

Urban Angels then partnered with the Connections Housing project, which is the first permanent homeless shelter in downtown San Diego. This ambitious project is the first of its kind in San Diego, re-developing a historic building on 6th Ave. and B St. into a shelter with resources that helps the homeless to get back on their feet, and help learn the skills to end their cycle of homelessness. It centers the services that the homeless would need to help them to re-enter a self-sustaining, safe, productive life again.

Connections also gave Dr. Motwani the opportunity to learn even more about the homeless problem, and he decided to become more involved in working directly with the clients of Connections Housing and with the agency that runs it, PATH (People That Assist the Homeless).  He is now one of a few volunteer Facilitators at Connections, and teaches a class to assist with Goal Setting for the homeless that are the clients of Connections.  His work is to get the clients to analyze, understand, and set their goals to achieve self-sustainability.  It is a major transition from the self-survival and fear of living on the streets to begin thinking about how to set your short and long term goals to create a self-sustaining life again.  Dr. Motwani is committed to helping these people become a productive part of society, and to achieve the dignity that he believes every human should have.

Dr. Motwani is always willing to extend his medical help for worthy charitable causes, and has done so many times over his career.

An incomplete list of other charities that Dr. Motwani has worked with, donated to, and/or assisted helped is below:

Miracle Babies
Dress For Success
Embrace (assisting homeless veterans)
Rady’s Childrens Hospital
Father Joe’s Villages
Drew Brees Dream Foundation
C.A.S.E- Californians Against Sexual Exploitation
Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center

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